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The digital age has brought about the extraordinary
expansion of global commerce, however in concert with this
growth has been the escalating costs of not only individual
identity fraud but customer safety and frustrations.

Paycasso's suite of identity products provide the immediate,
lucid and secure answer to this global issue of trust and
support of a frictionless user experience.

Global identity assurance,
a frictionless user
experience & fraud


Paycasso solutions support a diverse array of global industries including:
Healthcare, financial services, domain name registries & registrars, gaming, investigative & forensics
and e-commerce.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions ensures a safe and secure environment for both the enterprise
and the consumer.

Online access presents security challenges throughout the supply chain. Paycasso’s product suite ensures
instant and non-repudiated system access across the following:

Registration, enrolment and authentication
Know the customer and simplify the registration process.

Ensure the individual has the right to execute the transaction.

Information access
Protected information i.e. health information or personally identifiable information (PII) has broad exposure to
misuse and abuse. Ensure that the right people are being granted access to sensitive information.

Information sharing
Digital collaboration continues to drive global efficiency but further extends the exposure to unauthorized access. Ensure instant and non-repudiated system access.

Paycasso's product
suite ensures instant
and non-repudiated
system access


Simplicity. Security. Clarity.
Uniting facial recognition and ID validation – delivering complete
customer identity assurance.

For complete peace of mind, VeriSure™ combines both facial recognition and ID validation in one universal solution, instantly matching the holder with the ID, significantly raising the barrier against fraudulent activity and increasing customer safety.

VeriSure™ also removes the opportunity for errors in mistyped key personal information by your customer
during registration.

In the global marketplace, VeriSure™ guarantees the highest safety for client and customer in the account registration process. By significantly reducing the time it takes for data input and capture, the end result for the customer experience leads to higher customer registration completion rates, greater satisfaction and increased revenues. Lower new account queries and related issues further contribute to reducing customer acquisition and support costs.

VeriSure™ delivers a universal solution by:
• Ensuring a match between the holder and their ID
• Supporting real global coverage
• Removing the reliance on data-based and knowledge-based authentication

Our Corporate Values:
Customer Focus.
Integrity. Safety
& Security.

Customer Focus

A consistent emphasis on an open and collaborative environment. Acknowledge our customers as individuals
and incorporate their voice directly into product development.

Drive long-term value through leveraging our acquired knowledge to help individual customers achieve
their own desired outcomes.

• Drive innovation through partnerships
• Understand our customers' individual values
• Respond and deliver to our customers with relevance and speed
• Make our partnerships personal

About Us

In addressing the question of identity assurance and ensuring non-repudiated system access, one has to reconsider the construct of "identity". The previous model of both trusting user asserted information with a combination of knowledge based query assessment does not support the ever increasing digital commercial landscape.

In our drive to address these fundamental issues, Paycasso delivers solutions that not only leverage the only real world trusted individual identity instrument - a government issued ID, but combines this assurance with the physical presence of the ID holder through a highly secure, simple and effective digital transaction.

Solutions that support digital commerce today and for our future.


Paycasso is committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships through multiple levels of support and collaboration with our partner organisations.

The development of our partner network is predicated on the premise of:
Excellence in client support; promulgating and influencing global standards; strengthening the market position; extending the reach and fueling continued growth for all participating parties.

Please email: partners@paycasso.com for further details.

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