Our Story

Paycasso delivers cutting – edge global customer verification solutions through electronic verification identification (eIDV) and e-authentication.

Working with customers and partners on a global basis, Paycasso understands the challenges around digital identity and the need to deliver a level of trust that is commercially viable. Companies are struggling to recruit more customers, manage their personal and financial data while also maintaining appropriate regulatory compliance.

Paycasso has a unique, patented suite of products (VeriSure™, InstaSure™, DocuSure™ & IdentiSure™) to help customers address these critical challenges whilst managing the corporate and consumer risks associated with impersonation fraud and identity theft.

Paycasso provides secure solutions that streamline the verification process for a convenient and seamless customer experience across all channels: mobile, online or in person. By validating government issued IDs and using Biometrics to match photos and identify ‘proof of life’, this cutting edge verification process provides assurances against fraud and money laundering, protecting both the customer and organisation.

Our solutions are simple, transparent and secure – supporting digital commerce today and for the future.

Founded in 2012, Paycasso is a market leader in Customer Identification Verification with global customers and alliances across various sectors including Financial Services, Retail Banking, Healthcare, Insurance and Restricted Goods and Services. Headquartered in London, Paycasso has offices in Kentucky (USA), Kiev and Sydney.