User Authentication
for Account Holders

How InstaSure™ works

An account holder’s identity is confirmed during the initial account registration process. Assurance that the returning user is the original account opener must be an essential requirement for granting subsequent access to an account. By matching the user’s ‘live’ facial biometric against the original biometric that was captured during account registration, InstaSure™ delivers on this fundamental requirement. The biometric identity link is created through accessing the record created in the VeriSure™ registration process.

The facial capture function is fully supported through Paycasso’s iOS and Android SDKs. The user-facing screens in our SDKs are fully customisable, thereby ensuring a seamless user experience. Ensuring comprehensive system security of both captured and stored biometric records are essential components of your InstaSure™ solution. This is delivered by encrypting facial images during their capture. It means that facial images are not part of any InstaSure™ process; rather it’s the encrypted value that is applied within InstaSure’s matching processes and its record storage.

Users are visually guided through a single, simple step that requires them to position their face within a displayed frame. Their face is captured automatically, and the system then verifies whether the ‘live’ face matches against the account holder’s stored record.

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  • slide2 Authenticates the live user
  • slide3 Capturing ‘live’ user


  • A user experience that is fully automated and intuitive from start to finish.
  • User authentication is typically completed in under 3 seconds.
  • Delivers a positive user experience.
  • Removes reliance on user-asserted information.
  • “Liveness” detection, device and user location data.
  • Multi-layered processes minimizing inherent risks associated with impersonation fraud.
  • Real-time metrics delivering a set of factual data points.
  • A high level of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) security is assured through the application of encrypted values, not the use or storage of facial images.
  • Client-controlled decision-making ensures comprehensive compliance with your policies and procedures.
  • Simple to implement – APIs and mobile SDKs ensure simple and seamless integration into mobile, web and in-branch channels.
  • Delivers lower operational support costs whilst enhancing the user experience.