Identity Verification
for New Account Registrations

How VeriSure™ works

VeriSure™ employs the same processes we see used by the world’s border control agencies, whilst removing all the barriers to commercial deployment. ID images and live user video capture are functions fully supported through Paycasso’s iOS and Android SDKs. The user-facing screens in our SDKs are fully customisable thereby ensuring a seamless user experience. All information captured through the user’s device is securely transmitted to Paycasso servers with 256-bit encryption. Transactional data is provided in a configurable format for integration into your systems. Security of data is maintained throughout the Paycasso platform, from the initial point of capture through to the delivery of transactional data into our client environments.

STEP 1 – The user presents their ID

Users are visually guided to frame their ID, and VeriSure™ then automatically captures a copy. ID data is instantly extracted making it available to not only pre-populate the user’s registration form details but providing your organisation with the critical data points needed to trigger your additional compliance processes.

  • iphone
  • card
  • bar code Data and security
    features verified
  • chip Data and Biometrics extracted
    from eChip (if present)
  • scrach
  • scrach
  • scrach Verifies ID data matches eChip data
STEP 2 – Validating the ID document

When users presents IDs that contain chip security features, they again are visually guided to simply place their phone on their ID. VeriSure™ automatically extracts all data contained on these chips, verifies both its security features and that the chip data is consistent with the printed ID.

  • slide1
  • slide2 Data extracted
  • slide3 Photo extracted
  • slide4
STEP 3 – Verifying the ID holder

Users are again visually guided to position their face within a displayed frame. VeriSure™ then automatically confirms whether the “live” user biometrically matches with their ID photo. ID chip security features contain a second photo of the holder. Users presenting IDs with a chip are biometrically matched with this photo too.

  • slide1
  • slide2 Biometrically verifies eChip (if present) stored photo matches live user
  • slide3 Biometrically verifies ID photo matches live user
  • slide3 Capturing ‘live’ user


  • A user experience that is fully automated and intuitive from start to finish.
  • User registration is typically completed in under 30 seconds.
  • Delivers a positive user experience.
  • Removes reliance on user-asserted information.
  • Automatically delivers critical data points to drive additional compliance processes.
  • Verifies Government Issued Photo IDs from over 190 countries (representing in excess
    of 3,500 IDs) with authenticity and tamper-detection checks as advanced as those employed by Border Protection Agencies.
  • “Liveness” detection, device and user location data.
  • Multi-layered processes minimizing inherent risks associated with impersonation fraud.
  • Real-time metrics delivering a set of factual data points.
  • Client-controlled decision-making ensures comprehensive compliance with your policies and procedures.
  • Simple to implement – APIs and mobile SDKs ensure simple and seamless integration into mobile, web and in-branch channels.
  • Delivering higher registration completion rates, greater satisfaction and increased revenues.