Financial services

The Issue

Identity theft is Britain’s fastest growing crime, increasing at 500% a year (CIFAS); more than £1.6million worth of card fraud occurs every day, with a new victim every eight seconds (APACS). The banking system has to adapt fast to cope with this, as well as with the newly emerging progressive methods of mobile payment. Account registration, access and ID authentication remain critical in the fight against fraud by meeting sector specific KYC, CDD, AML and CTF regulatory risk mitigation requirements.

The Solution

Paycasso’s account registration solution supports a global marketplace, reduces customer friction through a simple and effective on-boarding process, thereby increasing completed customer registrations. Reducing the risks associated with impersonation fraud, improving operational efficiencies through the application of consistent and automated adjudication processes and supporting the organisations compliance with respect to its Regulatory obligations.

  • Simple and effective customer on-boarding
  • Comply with Regulations
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve risk-mitigation
  • Reduce instances of fraud

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