The Issue

Security and Privacy are the two fundamental principles of healthcare and the provision of healthcare services; however the proliferation of electronic medical records has raised concerns about patient safety and security. As online access for patients and medical staff to personal and sensitive medical information continues, identity and data security are crucial. Healthcare fraud, according to the NHS counter fraud authority (NHSCFA) costs the NHS approx. £1.25 Billion annually in the UK and is a white collar crime that has far greater consequences, often life-threatening, than pure financial fraud.

Paycasso Solution

Paycasso applies biometric authentication of a patient to their stored health record, reducing exposure to the risk of fraud. Verifying a patient’s identity and credentials ensures sensitive health information is accessible only to those who have access rights. Every patient can feel confident that however and wherever their records are being viewed and accessed, their unique data is accurate, up-to-date and secure.

  • Enhanced access control reduces patients safety risks
  • Enhanced medical data management
  • Reduced exposure to medical identify fraud and theft
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements


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