Retail banking

The Issue

Retail banking had represented a staid, conservative and unfashionable corner of the financial world. That dramatically changed almost overnight. With the advent of digital only financial service providers, promptly followed by full service digital banks that have no physical presence, the retail banking landscape has fundamentally and permanently changed. High Street Banks dominated the market, consumers rarely found cause to consider moving basic banking services. With the rapid expansion of new entrants to the market, the consumer is suddenly faced with significant choice. New entrants open accounts for their customers in minutes not days. Technology is driving the consumer choice and ease and simplicity are demanded. The High Street Banks have not historically been party to such market forces. Whilst they are not necessarily being challenged on product, they are certainly battling for a consumers attention and that demands immediacy of service.

The Solution

Consumer facing solutions that support the entire customer lifecycle, from account opening through to secure account authentication.

  • Simple and easy to use on-boarding process
  • Supports your multi-channel engagement: web, mobile and in-person facilities.
  • Comprehensive audit, quality control and regulatory compliance
  • Supports your global marketplace through a single platform


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