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Right to Work

Our solution prevents identity fraud, performs employee onboarding checks instantly, and integrates directly with existing HR systems so records are updated immediately

Fast tracking employee onboarding checks.

Multi-nationals must complete Right to Work checks on a large number of their new employee’s in many of the jurisdictions in which they operate around the world.

Our solution is powered by unique and proprietary biometric technology and facial recognition capabilities. Delivering a solution that ensures the organisation remains compliant with their jurisdictional regulatory obligations and safeguards the process of onboarding employees by eliminating any requirement for securing and maintaining copies of personal documentation.

Our Right to Work solution prevents identity fraud, performs checks instantly, and enables seamless integration with enterprise level HR systems, such as Workday and SAP SuccessFactors.

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A turnkey mobile solution delivering an exceptional user experience, that simply and securely verifies consumers' identity

Visifi is a standalone mobile solution that simply and securely verifies a consumer’s identity.

Use Case Example: Vodafone required a solution that fulfilled the KYC/AML requirements in a credit application for consumers purchasing mobile devices through its digital channels (channels included mobile, web and telesales).

Vodafone’s requirements were stringent; meet robust identity verification standards sufficient to meet regulatory obligations; mitigate the risks associated with impersonation fraud in person-not-present transactions; deliver a turnkey and standalone solution that enabled fast and easy deployment, and; provide an exceptional consumer experience.

Visifi met each of these requirements.

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